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Africa: A 21st Century View
Right now Africa is where South East Asia was 30 years ago - on the cusp of a consumer boom...
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015
Gartner highlight the top 10 technology trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2015...
Industrial Internet Insights for 2015
Survey finds growing urgency for organizations to embrace big data analytics to advance their industrial internet strategy...
Top 10 Cloud Myths
Avoid 'one size fits all' answers to complex situations - the cloud is not one thing...

Global CEO Survey
Compared with last year, twice as many CEOs believe the global economy will improve in the next 12 months...


Economic Outlook Report
Report reveals concerns held by managers and leaders about the current economic situation...


Tech Trends 2014
Disruptive technologies provide an opportunity in 2014 to reshape organizations, change business models and transform industries according to Deloitte...


CEO Study: Command and Control Meets Collaboration
CEOs embark on a new era of leadership as they embrace a more connected culture...

26 November 2014 | ITSM
SaaS Deployments Are Now Mission Critical
The most commonly cited reasons for deploying SaaS were for development and testing production/mission-critical workloads.......
25 November 2014 | ITSM
Future of India - The Winning Leap
India has an opportunity to build a US$10 trillion economy over two decades.......
24 November 2014 | ITSM
High Adoption of Video Calling on Smartphones Shows a Need for Better Quality and Sound
Video calling is growing into a key mainstream activity on smartphones.......
21 November 2014 | ITSM
Africa: A 21st Century View
Right now Africa is where South East Asia was 30 years ago - on the cusp of a consumer boom.......
20 November 2014 | ITSM
The Future of Application Delivery
Infrastructure architects must rethink their application delivery strategy and include cloud-based services.......
19 November 2014 | ITSM
Moving People With Purpose
Number of employees working overseas set to surge, but organisations struggle to recoup investment.......
18 November 2014 | ITSM
In 2015, 50% of People Considering Buying a Smart Wristband Will Choose a Smartwatch
Wearable electronic fitness devices market still poised for strong growth.......
17 November 2014 | ITSM
Top 100 Infrastructure Projects Worldwide
In an age of austerity and with funding in short supply, governments must make difficult choices about where to focus infrastructure spend. Balancing the aspirations of a nation with the need for true social benefit is not an easy challenge.......
14 November 2014 | ITSM
Tablets Are the Sweet Spot of BYOD Programs
By 2018, Gartner predicts twice as many employee-owned devices used for work than enterprise-owned devices.......
13 November 2014 | ITSM
EMEA CIOs Must Change their Leadership Style to Succeed as a Digital Leader
To fully grasp the digital opportunity, businesses and CIOs need to 'flip' long-held behaviors and beliefs.......
12 November 2014 | ITSM
The Disruptive Impact of The Internet of Things
Gartner forecasts that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020.......
11 November 2014 | ITSM
CIOs Need Bimodal IT to Succeed in Digital Business
Bimodal IT is the concept where two distinct IT methodologies exist in the same company, sometimes in two separate teams.......
10 November 2014 | ITSM
2014 APEC CEO Survey
APEC economies should cooperate in building more infrastructures that link different economies, people, commodities, and trading activity.......
7 November 2014 | ITSM
The Wearable Future
With all signs pointing to wearable technology as the next big thing, businesses need to have a game plan in place to act on the competitive opportunity, while taking note of the challenges.......
6 November 2014 | ITSM
How Much Longer Can the Eurozone Rely on Germany for Growth?
In the short-term, Germany may be able to keep propping up the rest of the Eurozone, but with long-term challenges on the horizon, this is unlikely to be able to continue.......
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