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Getting to Equal: How Digital is Helping Close the Gender Gap at Work
Female board members far more likely than male board members to have professional technology experience...
CFO Survey
CFOs' sentiment and expectations rebound as equity markets improve...
Beneath the Surface of a Cyberattack: A Deeper Look at Business Impacts
Deloitte identifies 14 business impacts of a Cyberattack...
Top 25 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies
First-time ranking shows opportunities and obstacles facing software vendors...

Ten Strategic Technology Trends for Government
Technologies that enable new service models for digital government must be at the top of the list for government organizations as they prioritize technology investments...


The Robots are Coming: Are CEOs Ready for the Era of Automation?
CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with 94% of those who've already adopted robotics saying that it's increased productivity in their business...


The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study
More companies are appointing a Chief Digital Officer to join their C-suite - but are they doing it quickly enough?...


18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...

27 October 2016 | ITSM
Full Autonomy May Not be Possible or Desirable in Smart Machines
By 2020, smart machines will be a top five investment priority for more than 30 percent of CIOs.......
26 October 2016 | ITSM
The New Energy Consumer: Thriving in the Energy Ecosystem
Energy providers must adopt strategic new customer plays, to compete for market share and increase satisfaction or risk consumers switching in competitive markets.......
25 October 2016 | ITSM
Global IT Spending to Reach $3.5 Trillion in 2017
Despite the many shocks that have could have derailed IT spending, global IT spending growth continues to be positive, even if it is best described as lackluster.......
24 October 2016 | ITSM
Retailers Must Use Algorithms for Competitive Advantage
In the new digital economy, retailers can best gain competitive advantage through the application of algorithms that reduce costs and grow top-line revenue.......
21 October 2016 | ITSM
Digital Economics: Disruption and the Digital Value of Business
Enterprises must use digital economics to fully exploit the value of digital business.......
20 October 2016 | ITSM
Technology Will Revolutionize Primary Healthcare Over the Next Two Decades
As the direction of automated continuous primary care moves into a new era, virtual personal health assistants could replace the human interface, and do a superior job.......
19 October 2016 | ITSM
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017
Gartner highlights the top technology trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2017.......
18 October 2016 | ITSM
Five Domains for the Digital Platform
A new type of infrastructure needs to be built that is not just going to reshape business, but also the way people live, according to Gartner.......
17 October 2016 | ITSM
Consumers Shrug Off Brexit with Confidence at Five Year High
UK consumers have shrugged off post-referendum pessimism, with confidence rising to a five-year high in Q3 2016.......
14 October 2016 | ITSM
Propelling Growth and Value Through Personalization
Almost 40% of online consumers have abandoned a retailer's website because of overwhelming choice of options.......
13 October 2016 | ITSM
Shifting Patterns - The Future of the Logistics Industry
Four key 'disrupters' will determine the future market shape - customer expectations, technological breakthroughs, new entrants and collaboration.......
12 October 2016 | ITSM
General Insurance Industry Review 2016
KPMG's 2016 review of the insurance industry shows profits rose 18 percent in 2016, recovering from a low point in 2015.......
11 October 2016 | ITSM
The Power to Perform: Human Capital 2020 and Beyond
By 2020, the make-up of your workforce and how it's recruited, organised and rewarded will look very different from today.......
10 October 2016 | ITSM
CFO Survey: Brexit Keeps CFOs on Defensive
Brexit weighs on corporate risk appetite and remains top business concern.......
7 October 2016 | ITSM
There's No Place Like Phone - Consumer Usage Patterns in the Era of Smartphone Peak
Smartphone ownership peaks as one in three check their phones in the middle of the night.......
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