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Compliance Risk Study
Changing consumer and digital trends may force modernization of compliance functions at financial institutions...
18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...
China Outlook 2015
Chinese companies set to invest in more sectors overseas...
Top Technology Trends for 2015
Business will represent over 60 % of the one billion Internet of Things devices brought in 2015...

Global CEO Survey
Compared with last year, twice as many CEOs believe the global economy will improve in the next 12 months...


Economic Outlook Report
Report reveals concerns held by managers and leaders about the current economic situation...


Tech Trends 2014
Disruptive technologies provide an opportunity in 2014 to reshape organizations, change business models and transform industries according to Deloitte...


CEO Study: Command and Control Meets Collaboration
CEOs embark on a new era of leadership as they embrace a more connected culture...

5 March 2015 | ITSM
Engaging the Digital Consumer in the New Connected World
With the Internet of Things rapidly becoming a reality and devices connecting every aspect of consumers lives, the shift to a new, connected world signals another tidal wave of industry transition.......
4 March 2015 | ITSM
Digital Technologies Implemented Together Have Greater Potential to Transform Businesses
Mobility proves enabler of the digital business as analytics and cloud become highest priorities.......
3 March 2015 | ITSM
Global Health's New Entrants: Meeting the World's Consumer
Global new entrants are resetting the axes of the global healthcare and wellness markets.......
2 March 2015 | ITSM
EU Banks Leaner and More Liquid, But the End Game Still Unclear
Report shows EU banks not only have smaller, less risky balance sheets resting on firmer capital foundations, but are also in a much stronger position to meet a liquidity crunch.......
27 February 2015 | ITSM
Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Education in 2015
Global education technology spending to exceed $67.8 Billion in 2015.......
26 February 2015 | ITSM
Research Finds Listening More Difficult in Today's Digital Workplace
Survey also shows companies preparing more women for senior management, especially CTOs.......
25 February 2015 | ITSM
Compliance Risk Study
Changing consumer and digital trends may force modernization of compliance functions at financial institutions.......
24 February 2015 | ITSM
Cyber Attack on Sony Pictures Is a Digital Business Game Changer
Recent large-scale attacks move focus from blocking and detecting attacks, to detecting and responding to attacks.......
23 February 2015 | ITSM
Financial Services Firms Lack the Talent they Need to Succeed
Financial services CEOs are more concerned than ever about the limited availability of key skills.......
20 February 2015 | ITSM
Understanding Expectations of Wealth Management in the Digital World
Twenty-seven percent of European investors have switched wealth management firms to get a new digital tool or service.......
19 February 2015 | ITSM
Worldwide Market for Refurbished Smartphones to Reach 120 Million Units by 2017
Rise in smartphone reuse will motivate providers to take a closer look at secondhand market.......
18 February 2015 | ITSM
Government and the Global CEO: Delivering Outcomes and Creating Value
Call for renewed government focus on achieving fiscal balance and sustainably cutting the costs of doing business.......
17 February 2015 | ITSM
Managing Identities and Access Will Be Critical to the Success of the Internet of Things
Existing ideas and approaches to identity management will not be entirely effective for the Internet of Things. IAM and other security leaders must rethink and rearchitect to be successful.......
16 February 2015 | ITSM
China's Impact on the Semiconductor Industry
China's Integrated Circuit revenues experience a 24 times increase in 10 years.......
13 February 2015 | ITSM
Retailers and the Age of Disruption
Indian retail industry is devising strategies which could potentially disrupt competitor business.......
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