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Compliance Risk Study
Changing consumer and digital trends may force modernization of compliance functions at financial institutions...
18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...
China Outlook 2015
Chinese companies set to invest in more sectors overseas...
Beyond Supply Chains: Empowering Responsible Value Chains
Find out how leading companies are creating a 'triple advantage' through supply chains that benefit businesses, people and the environment...

Global CEO Survey
Compared with last year, twice as many CEOs believe the global economy will improve in the next 12 months...


Economic Outlook Report
Report reveals concerns held by managers and leaders about the current economic situation...


Tech Trends 2014
Disruptive technologies provide an opportunity in 2014 to reshape organizations, change business models and transform industries according to Deloitte...


CEO Study: Command and Control Meets Collaboration
CEOs embark on a new era of leadership as they embrace a more connected culture...

27 March 2015 | ITSM
The Future of Financial-Technology and Banking: Digitally Disrupted or Reimagined?
Banks are starting to realise the full potential of digital technologies but many are not well equipped to deal with the digital revolution.......
26 March 2015 | ITSM
Southeast Asian CIOs Need to Adapt Their Leadership Style to Support Digital Business
Regional CIOs are bullish about digital, but constrained by immature risk management.......
25 March 2015 | ITSM
ASEAN's Limited Time Offer: One Hundred Million New Consumers to Win and a $770 Billion Reason to Move Now
The ASEAN region is growing faster than any other market and represents a $770 billion per year prize for growth-seeking companies.......
24 March 2015 | ITSM
Beyond Supply Chains: Empowering Responsible Value Chains
Find out how leading companies are creating a 'triple advantage' through supply chains that benefit businesses, people and the environment.......
23 March 2015 | ITSM
Service Provider and Performance Satisfaction Study
Survey suggests that organisations are increasing the level of IT services they outsource to improve service delivery.......
20 March 2015 | ITSM
Study Finds Mobile App Developers Not Investing in Security
Nearly 40% of large companies, including many in the Fortune 500, aren't taking the right precautions to secure the mobile apps they build for customers.......
19 March 2015 | ITSM
The Rising Opportunity for CMO and CIO Collaboration in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Survey reveals the major gaps between CIO's and CMO's in the pharmaceutical industry and the four critical steps to bring them together.......
18 March 2015 | ITSM
Smart Cities Will Use 1.1 Billion Connected Things in 2015
Smart homes to lead with 294 million connected things in use in 2015.......
17 March 2015 | ITSM
Smart Machines Require Ethical Programming
CIOs must act now to ensure smart machines behave ethically.......
16 March 2015 | ITSM
Guiding Digital Transformation
A new way for government and business leaders to understand, measure, and manage digital strategies to drive growth and competitiveness.......
13 March 2015 | ITSM
Growing Up: A New Environment for Hedge Funds
Hedge fund industry adapting to changing investors, products and markets, according to new industry study.......
12 March 2015 | ITSM
Top Eight Business Technology Trends of 2015
Sixth annual tech trends report reveals impact of IT on businesses.......
11 March 2015 | ITSM
Cloud Is a Viable Option, But Not a Top Consideration for Many CIOs
For most CIOs, public cloud is an option for projects, but only a first consideration for a small minority.......
10 March 2015 | ITSM
CIO Survey Underlines That Mobility Remains A Top Initiative In 2015 For CIOs In The Gulf Cooperation Council
Mobility remains a top initiative in 2015 for CIO's in the Gulf Cooperation Council with a focus on moving customer-facing applications and transactions on to mobile-based platforms, according to Gartner.......
9 March 2015 | ITSM
The Female Millennial: A New Era of Talent
Female millennials are the most confident and ambitious of any female generation.......
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