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Top Strategic Priorities for Global Supply Chains
Cost-cutting and innovation will dramatically shape tomorrow's supply chain...
CIOs Have a New Boss - Customers
With consumers engaging more directly with businesses through mobile and social media, CIOs will focus more heavily on improving the customer experience and getting closer to customers, according to a new report...
Five Behaviours that Accelerate Value from Digital Investments
CEOs have made it clear that they see both the promise and the peril of digital technology; charting their company's course in the digital age is the number-one challenge business leaders will face in 2014...
Building Consumer Loyalty
Restaurant loyalty programs need more spice as only one-third of restaurant patrons feel connected to their favorite brand and its people...

Global CEO Survey
Compared with last year, twice as many CEOs believe the global economy will improve in the next 12 months...


Economic Outlook Report
Report reveals concerns held by managers and leaders about the current economic situation...


Tech Trends 2014
Disruptive technologies provide an opportunity in 2014 to reshape organizations, change business models and transform industries according to Deloitte...


CEO Study: Command and Control Meets Collaboration
CEOs embark on a new era of leadership as they embrace a more connected culture...

23 April 2014 | ITSM
Supply Chain Leadership
Advanced supply chain capabilities are a crucial catalyst for strong financial performance.......
22 April 2014 | ITSM
Maintaining Sales Momentum After Mergers and Acquisitions Is More Challenging With New Technology Buying Cycle
Sales and marketing leaders from both companies in the transaction must proactively engage a broad constituency to capitalize on opportunities and prevent competitive disruption.......
21 April 2014 | ITSM
How Can Cities Capture Opportunities in a More Sustainable Way?
Successful cities of the future will adapt to global trends in order to boost their sustainable competitiveness.......
18 April 2014 | ITSM
Handing Over the Family Business to the Next Generation
The transition from one generation to the next can make or break a family business; and as the 'baby boomers' hand over to the 'millennials', the risks of getting it wrong have never been greater.......
17 April 2014 | ITSM
Optimizing Application Development and Maintenance Can Cut Costs by More Than 50%
Gartner has identified several key recommendations to help CIOs cut costs by optimizing application development and maintenance.......
16 April 2014 | ITSM
Program and Portfolio Management Leaders Must Prepare for Extreme Transformation or Prepare New Resumes
Ongoing economic uncertainty is driving IT-enabled business transformation well beyond the scope of previous practices and existing workplace experience.......
15 April 2014 | ITSM
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Smart Government
Analysts highlight the top 10 strategic technology trends for smart government.......
14 April 2014 | ITSM
CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey Shows that Growth Dominates Key Business Priorities in 2014
Survey indicates rise in IT-related priorities as CEOs look to apply technology for growth.......
11 April 2014 | ITSM
Digital Businesses Will Spot Opportunities in a Matter of Seconds
The hallmark of a digital business will be the ability to spot opportunities that might span just a matter of seconds, according to Gartner.......
10 April 2014 | ITSM
Companies Remain Lost When It Comes To Tax and The Cloud
Disconnect between tax and business operations translate into missed opportunities and heightened risks.......
9 April 2014 | ITSM
How Gamification Drives Digital Business
Digital business leaders are using gamification to add value to the product offer, increase employee engagement and to drive crowdsourced innovation.......
8 April 2014 | ITSM
Steady Growth Continues in Financial Services Sector
Financial services firms' business volumes continued to grow at a steady pace in the three months to March 2014.......
7 April 2014 | ITSM
CFO Risk Appetite at Record High
Risk appetite reaches a six-and-a-half year high with strong outlook for hiring and spending.......
4 April 2014 | ITSM
Four Fundamental Usage Models to Unlock Value from the Internet of Things
Gartner analysts explore the four fundamental usage models enabling business and IT leaders to clearly see how to take advantage of this next wave in Internet evolution.......
3 April 2014 | ITSM
Building Consumer Loyalty
Restaurant loyalty programs need more spice as only one-third of restaurant patrons feel connected to their favorite brand and its people.......
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