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2016 Cool Vendors
Cool Vendors research helps CIOs and other top IT leaders stay ahead of the IT technology curve, while making better strategic decisions about technology and services...
CEO Success Study
CEO turnover at a record high globally, with more companies planning for new chiefs from outside the company...
European Financial Services Digital Readiness Report
European financial services companies must close the gap between vision and execution in their digital strategies...
2016 Supply Chain Top 25
Gartner has released the findings from its annual Supply Chain Top 25, identifying supply chain leaders and highlighting their best practices...

Ten Strategic Technology Trends for Government
Technologies that enable new service models for digital government must be at the top of the list for government organizations as they prioritize technology investments...


The Robots are Coming: Are CEOs Ready for the Era of Automation?
CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with 94% of those who've already adopted robotics saying that it's increased productivity in their business...


The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study
More companies are appointing a Chief Digital Officer to join their C-suite - but are they doing it quickly enough?...


18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...

27 June 2016 | ITSM
Keeping Older Workers in Jobs for Longer Could Increase OECD GDP by $2.6 trillion
Golden age index measures how well countries are harnessing the economic power of older workers.......
24 June 2016 | ITSM
Global 100 Software Leaders Driven by Three Key Trends
Three trends among companies that are taking advantage of both evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the software industry.......
23 June 2016 | ITSM
Global Economy Watch
Ireland and Spain lead the Eurozone charge for productivity growth.......
22 June 2016 | ITSM
Survey Reveals Enterprise Spending on Mobile App Development Remains Low
Forty-two percent of organizations expect to increase spending on mobile app development by an average of 31 percent in 2016, according to a recent survey by Gartner.......
21 June 2016 | ITSM
Digital Assistants Will Serve as the Primary Interface to the Connected Home
Consumers will increasingly use digital personal assistants to interact with consumer services in the connected home, according to Gartner.......
20 June 2016 | ITSM
Five Personal Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business
Spending on personal technologies is massive and expected to grow to $2.7 trillion a year by 2019.......
17 June 2016 | ITSM
Government IT Spending in India to Reach $7 Billion in 2016
The government in India will spend $7 billion US Dollars (USD) on IT products and services in 2016, an increase of 3.1 percent over 2015, according to Gartner.......
16 June 2016 | ITSM
Algorithms Are Redefining the Architecture of Business
While algorithms are not new, they are moving front and center in the race for competitive differentiation as leading organizations uncover their true value.......
15 June 2016 | ITSM
Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2016
Ten proven practices and strategies you need to maintain cost-effective security and risk programs to support digital business and drive enterprise success.......
14 June 2016 | ITSM
Collaboration with Digital Partners Is Key to Banks' Growth Strategy and Success
Banks believe pace of technology change will continue at unprecedented rate.......
13 June 2016 | ITSM
Media Metrics: The State of UK Media & Entertainment
UK media and entertainment sector in rude health despite digital disruption.......
10 June 2016 | ITSM
Financial Services Technology 2020 and Beyond: Embracing Disruption
New report looks at the ten most important technology-driven forces that will shape competition in the financial services industry by 2020.......
9 June 2016 | ITSM
Sustaining a City's Competitiveness Requires New Kind of Urban Leadership
New report focuses on the evolving challenges of urban leadership in the 21st century.......
8 June 2016 | ITSM
The Right Chief Digital Officer for Your Company's Future
What type of Chief Digital Officer does your company need? From the 'Progressive Thinker' to the 'Universalist': Strategy& defines five archetypes of a CDO.......
7 June 2016 | ITSM
Five Key Areas of Focus for Successfully Addressing Cybersecurity in Digital Business
By 2020, 60 percent of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of IT security teams to manage digital risk.......
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