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26 November 2009 | ITSM
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ITP Blogger Wins Computer Weekly IT Blog Award 2009
Alim Ozcan last night won the Computer Weekly IT Blog Award 2009 for best Analyst/Consultant blog in the UK IT industry...

Last night at the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards ceremony in London, in association with IBM, ITP blogger Alim Ozcan won the Award for best Analyst/Consultant blog in the UK IT industry. 

Analysts and Consultants provide useful insight from their vantage point of working with many different companies/industries and ITP’s blogger last night walked away the winner after facing some stiff competition. 

Over 400 people were nominated for the awards and then placed into several categories; this was then followed by a short-listing process and finally put to the public vote. 

“ITP who publish my blogs on www.itpreport.com, had three other distinguished professionals that were short-listed (Aidan Lawes, Juan Jimenez and Ken Turbitt), which illustrates the quality of the ITP bloggers.” said Ozcan. 

The shortlist for the Analyst/Consultant IT Blog Award 2009: 

 - The IT skeptic

 - Colin Beveridge

 - IT Beacon blog

 - ITP Report - Aidan Lawes Blog

 - ITP Report - Alim Ozcan Blog

 - ITP Report - Ken Turbitt Blog

 - ITP Report - Juan Jimenez Blog 

 - James Governor's Monkchips - Redmonk

 - Richard Tubb - TubbBlog

 - Mark Kobayashi-Hillary - Computing 

 - IT Process Improvement

 - Racingsnake

 - Licence dashboard - Sean Robinson's blog 

Ozcan who was overwhelmed with the award also said “A must give a massive thank you to everyone who voted for my blogs and for all of the positive messages that everyone sent wishing me luck”.  

 Picture Computer weekly

IT Consultant and Analyst Blog of the Year

ITP Report – Alim Ozcan  

Winner: ITP Report – Alim Ozcan  

Runner up: The IT Skeptic   



> Below is the list of all the winners and runners up:


 - CIO/IT Director 

Winner: Capgemini – CTO Blog

Runner up: CIO Blog – Peter Birley

 - IT Consultant and Analyst

Winner: ITP Report – Alim Ozcan

Runner up: The IT Skeptic

 - Individual IT Professional Male

Winner: Steve Clayton - Geek in disguise

Runner up: TechHead

 - Individual IT Professional Female

Winner: Flynny’s blog - EMC Consulting

Runner up: A girl’s guide to Project Management

 - Company/Corporate: Large Enterprise

Winner: Technology blog – Capgemini

Runner up: TechCrunch

 - Company/Corporate: SMEs

Winner: Girls’n’Gadgets

Runner up: The Symbian blog

 - Project Management (including methodologies)

Winner: A girl’s guide to Project management

Runner up: ZDNet – IT project failures – Michael Krigsman

 - Sustainable and Green IT

Winner: Greenbang

Runner up: Kate Craig-Wood – Kate’s Comment

 - IT Security

Winner: Graham Cluley’s Blog Sophos

Runner up: Countermeasures

 - Open Source in Business

Winner: BrianTeeman.net

Runner up: ComputerWorld UK – Open Enterprise

 - IT Twitter user of the year

Winner: @gcluley

Runners up: @stephenfry and @rickmans

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